How do I get my garage door repaired?

Garage Doors are the largest moving object in a home. They are also the most dangerous. Do not attempt to try and repair your own garage door. Contact Can-Ada Garage Doors today to come repair your door. We are trained in how to do any repair properly

Can I replace a section of my door, or do I need to replace the whole door?

Yes, replacing only a section of your garage door is possible in some cases; however, depending on the damage involved, the entire door may need to be replaced. Contact us today to evaluate the specific situation and we can recommend the best solution for your garage door

When is it time to replace the garage door with a new one?

If your garage door does not operate, the door is a potential hazard. Don't try and fix it on your own. Another reason to replace a garage door is to enhance your home's curb appeal. An easy way to make your house look put together before selling it!

Why won't my garage door open?

Most times a garage door won't open because a counterbalance mechanism isn't functioning such as a broken extension or torsion spring. If an electric opener is there but no noise sounds when activated, try to disconnect the opener and pull the emergency release and manually lift the door.

Can you reuse garage door tracks?

Some doors can be adjusted for different tracks, most cannot. If you reuse old garage door tracks, your garage door will more than likely not have proper spacing. If your garage door falls, it can caught massive damage.